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Native American
Technology Corporation
2293 Broadway Ave.
North Bend, OR 97459

Phone: (541) 888-8100
Fax: (541) 888-0280

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Our Customers and Partners

Federal Aviation Administration

  • Engineering, design, and production
  • Environmental assessments, EDDAs, and studies
  • Construction
    • F 420 Weather Instrument Towers
    • ASR-9 Tower OSHA Modifications
    • ILS Installations
    • Stand-Alone Weather Systems
    • Electrical and Mechanical Construction
  • Aviation Safety Systems and Quality Assurance
  • National Airspace (NAS) Facilities Repair, Maintenance and Modernization
  • Preventive Maintenance

Environmental Protection Agency

  • Administrative Support Services
    • Property Management
    • Mail Room Services
    • Telecommunications
    • Copy Center
    • Recycling Center

Department of Defense

  • Hazmat warehousing, packaging, shipment, delivery, and safety compliance
  • MCTC Training, Engineering and Technical Subject Matter Expertise

Veterans Administration

  • Clerical services
  • Temporary Staffing, Supervisors, and Transcriptionists

US Forest Service

  • Program Management, Training and Asset Management/Inventory Services

Department of Homeland Security/U.S. Coast Guard

  • Equipment replacement, modification, and installation

Northrop Grumman


Computer Sciences Corporation

Lockheed Martin Corporation/FAA

  • Engineering

Raytheon Corporation

  • Digital Airport Surveillance Radar

Voith-Siemens Hydro/ Army Corps of Engineers

  • Quality Assurance Personnel

S&K Global Solutions

  • Facilities and Maintenance Program Support
  • Property Management