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Computer Based Trainer – Fort Sill, OK

Published on January 3, 2018

Job Duties:

  • Provide SME (subject matter expert) support for the training of Field Artillery (FA) and Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Battalion and Brigade staff personnel.
  • Serves as a Fires, and Movement & Maneuver (M2) Warfighting Function Trainer. Major tasks include Mission Command Staff Collective Training, Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) training, Fires planning, coordination and de-confliction, Mission Command staff processes, Tactical Operations Centers (TOC) functions and tactical operations using AMCS (Army Mission Command systems) such as CPoF, AFATDS, and JADOCS.
  • Develops OPORDERs and AMCS databases that support training for Bde and Bn level Mission Command exercises.
  • Serves as G3/S3/FSC for the Higher Control Cell (HICON) for various staff training exercises and events. Assist in developing training events and scenarios to support unit training objectives and MTC activities to simulate or stimulate training exercises.
  • Responsible for providing CPoF products, providing “over the shoulder” TOC support, using CPoF and other AMCS for Mission Command Exercises as required. Build graphics and Battle Captain Workspaces and serves as Division/Brigade Operations Staff member in the HICON. Trains Assistant Instructors (AIs), maintains and updates Programs of Instruction (POIs) and coordinates RTOC, work cell and/or classroom setup and connectivity with technical staff.
  • Provides input to the collective training and technical teams for collective exercises and training events. Builds detailed Battle Plans and system data bases; Master Scenario Events Lists (MSEL) and other scenario products to support various exercises.
  • Other duties and projects as assigned by the Site Manager.


  • Must have a Secret Clearance or be able to obtain a Secret Clearance
  • Must have Division, Brigade or Battalion staff Operations experience.
  • Must have expert knowledge of the Army Fires and Movement & Maneuver Warfighting Functions.
  • Must be knowledgeable in Battle staff training and the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP).
  • Must be able to cross train on other AMCS systems as required.
  • Must be able to develop, write and brief OPORDs and other products
  • Must have the ability to teach, coach and mentor Bn and Bde level staff personnel.
  • Must have a minimum of five TOC operations and AMCS skills.
  • Must be a US citizen with a secret or higher security clearance; applicant will be subject to a government security investigation.
  • Must be willing to travel outside Fort Sill 2-4 times/year for up to 2 weeks/trip.
  • Ideal candidate would be a former Combat Arms Officer or Warrant Officer/SNCO.
  • Instructor certification a plus.