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Aeronautical Information Analyst – Silver Spring, Maryland

Published on November 30, 2017

NATECH is seeking an Aeronautical Information Analyst who can provide technical support to the Federal Aviation Administration in maintaining critical office operations to aid in the development and maintenance of the National Airspace System (NAS).  The Aeronautical Information Analyst will also provide support through creation, maintenance and distribution of aeronautical data, charts, and associated products for air traffic control and the aviation community.  Additionally, the Aeronautical Information Analyst will effectively coordinate between numerous government offices, departments, and teams. The Aeronautical Information Analyst will also provide support to these charts which must be accurate and must be accomplished within a specific time frame to meet critical chart publication timelines.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide National Airspace System users/stakeholders with accurate and timely aeronautical data
  • Assist in analyzing and maintaining aeronautical information as well as foundational data, as needed in support of the National Airspace System
  • Evaluate and process incoming aeronautical source information and/or base/topographic information source data. Applying Standard Operating Procedures, specifications, orders and other guidance to update aeronautical data
  • Revise/maintain aeronautical information within FAA data sets based on analysis, evaluation, and processing of authorized source information
  • Assist in analyzing and maintaining air navigation charts and related publications
  • Support UAS mapping and data maintenance and publication processes
  • Provide technical training as needed
  • Use Microstation CAD software to create/maintain aeronautical charts, maps and data
  • Use ESRI GIS software and tools to create/maintain aeronautical charts, maps and data
  • Create hard/soft copy of selected source and distribute as needed
  • Archive hard/soft copy of selected source and store as needed
  • Coordinate, as needed, with FAA, DoD, or other civil/industry stakeholders as needed to resolve source issues, errors, or questions
  • Determine, upon reviewing available data, if all source data provided meets requirements to maintain level of safety and data quality to support the National Airspace System
  • Assist in the development and enhancement of automated aeronautical information systems
  • Recommend process or automation improvements, as needed, to improve efficiency and/or quality
  • Have a working knowledge of map definition language, Aeronautical Information Exchange Model, ESRI shapefiles and other ESRI GIS data storage formats, NASR subscriber files
  • Evaluate aeronautical data issues and determine if a Notice to Airmen or other user notice is required due to a potential safety of flight issue with published aeronautical information
  • Perform documentation and file management as needed
  • Using AIS’s production enterprise hardware and software platforms to analyze data and make the computations necessary to produce finished data products


Required Qualifications:

  • Relevant Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts Degree
  • 0 Years Relevant Exempt Experience