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Finance/Business Analyst – Lakewood, CO

Published on August 11, 2017

Job Description

This is a contingent position pending contract award. The Finance/Business Analyst will serve as NATECH’s Personal Property and Fleet Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the Financial and Business Management System (FBMS), based on SAP software for federal client. Specific tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Serve as the primary functional expert of the FBMS personal property and fleet functional areas.
  • Serve as the primary FBMS Remedy Help Desk support for FWS personal property and fleet end-user tickets. Responsibilities include reviewing and responding to personal property and vehicle fleet helpdesk tickets. Where possible, work with field, region, and/or headquarters staff to resolve tickets, or escalate to the BIO for resolution. In FY2016 this position resolved or escalated approximately 1,000 tickets ranging from fleet counter resets, to process clarification questions, to data quality errors, to system bugs. Approximately 10% of tickets require escalation to the BIO.
  • Coordinate with other functional SMEs in BBI to address integration issues as they arise.
  • Serve as the liaison between the BIO, BBI, and FWS property and fleet program managers to ensure Service-wide communication is accomplished relevant to the impact of FBMS operational activities on FWS projects and programs.
  • Develop and maintain guidance on FBMS processing of personal property and fleet related transactions. The BIO has primary responsibility for developing and providing training and materials; however, FWS has customized FBMS guidance specific to FWS policies and procedures. There are approximately 30 FWS specific user guides and technical bulletins that must be reviewed annually and updated as needed based on system and procedural changes.
  • Participate in FBMS system optimization on behalf of FWS. The optimization process is led and managed by the BIO, which includes requirements gathering, design review, and testing. The Systems Analyst must work closely with FWS FBMS end users and stakeholders to:
    • Analyze current and proposed operations for FBMS enhancements and modifications to meet the changing and diversified needs of the Service’s FBMS workforce;
    • Accurately document proposed modifications and enhancements within the framework of the FBMS governance structure and change management process;
    • Evaluate the effect of proposed changes on systems operations.
  • Review the BIO’s monthly release notes for FWS relevance, and communicate system changes of assigned functional areas to Regional Personal Property and Fleet Managers and other key stakeholders in Headquarters and at the Regional level.
  • Review and analyze FBMS personal property and vehicle fleet data quality and work with Regions and Programs to perform data cleanup as needed.
  • Provide training as needed on various FBMS personal property and fleet processes (includes periodic refresher and to accommodate system changes). The majority of these sessions are held via conference call and Webex.
  • Assist FWS National Property and Fleet Managers and others with developing and executing FBMS reports, and with developing policies and procedures that affect both the program and the system.
  • Communicate FBMS year-end activities related to assigned functional areas.

Minimum Requirements

  • Associates degree in related field with a minimum of 6 years relevant experience.
  • Experience delivering high quality policy and procedural analysis and documentation services to federal customers.
  • Extensive knowledge of FWS, its policies, FBMS Personal Property operations, and key personnel.
  • Experience working with the U.S. Department of the Interior’s FBMS system, in particular the Personal Property and Fleet modules. An understanding of the capabilities and limitations of FBMS gleaned from hands-on experience developing technical guidance, coordinating role mapping efforts, and delivering end user training.
  • Detailed knowledge of Federal Personal Property Management concepts and regulations, preferably with experience with DOI and FWS’ personal property policies.
  • The ability to write, and verbally present complex subjects in a clear and concise manner.
  • Ability to work in a team environment & collaborate on projects/assignments with peers; and, communicate with Service employees on facility related matters.
  • Ability to analyze charts, graphs, data trackers, and scorecards and use the resulting analysis to defend the Bureau’s position on property and fleet management objectives, projects, and policies.
  • Proficient use of computer, SAP software, Microsoft word processing, spreadsheet programs and other relevant software
  • Able to pass a Minimum Background Investigation (MBI)

The successful candidate’s resume will be included in the proposal submitted to the client as NATECH’s proposed Key Personnel to support this requirement.